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Government Contractor Support

Government Contractor Support Services

With over 30 years of experience, we can provide management and financial support to your governement contracting business. Using today's computer and internet technology, we can perform as your 'back office' CFO.

From start to finish, we can help you set up your government contractor business, get your 8(a) and on the GSA Schedule, set up your accounting systems, help you write proposals, grow your business and manage your projects - all on an 'as needed' basis to save you time and money.

Are you DCAA Compliant? We can help you get set up systems that insure that you meet required criteria. 

We offer a 30% Discount on the first one hour consultation for new clients to learn best how we can help you. 

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Our goal is to make your life less taxing.

Veteran-owned business providing government contract support including audits, financial statements, bond applications, project management, technical & cost proposals, EZ GSA Schedules and DCAA compliance
Assist with SBA 8(A) and GSA Schedule applications, develop accounting systems, be your back office CFO
Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Peachtree, financial statements, overhead & G&A rates, labor rates

We are a small, veteran-owned business with extensive governement contractor support experience. 

Our customized support services provide you with the level of involvement that you need - for writing proposals, providing audited financial statements, or managing and growing your accounting information systems.

We can help you get your Small Business Administration  8(a) designation, and assist you with getting on the General Services Administration Schedule.  We'll insure that you are DCAA compliant, and that your job costing, and invoicing procedures are running smoothly.

We specialize in a variety of government contractor support tasks, and can assist you with the following services:

 • Set up your new business with Federal, State & Local
 • Get your DUNS number, then register on CCR and ORCA  
 • Apply for your SBA 8(A) designation
 • Develop SBA 1010C Business Plan  
 • Get on the GSA Schedule  
 • Set up your DCAA Compliant Accounting System
 • Assist you with your Capability Statement and Marketing Plan  
 • Write a Business Plan
 • Develop Overhead, Indirect and G&A Rates  
 • Calculate Loaded Labor Rates
 • Tax Planning and Compliance  
 • Cost Proposals Development and Support  
 • Write Technical Proposals
 • Loan and Bond Applications  
 • Audited, Reviewed or Compiled Financial Statements
 • Bookkeeping Services  
 • Invoice Processing - using WAWF & Govt. defined systems  
 • Job Costing  
 • Advice on Funding your Recievables - Factoring
 • Word and Excel Templates for proposals and communications  
 • Standard Operating Procedures Documentation
 • Work-in-Process Construction Schedules  
 • Project Management
 • Submittals  
 • Negotiation Support  
 • Quality Control  
 • Actual vs. Budget Comparisons  
 • Financial projections  
 • Cash Flow Analysis  
 • Certified Payroll Reports  

SBA 1010C Business Plans, capabilitey statements, bond applications, certified payroll, submittals, funding, templates, SOP, WIP, project management, negotiation support
Set up a new business, federal id, Articles of incorporation, DUNS, ORCA, CCR, RFP's
Project management, negotiation support, quality control, IT

Is your government contracting business DCAA compliant? We can help you get systems set up to meet the required criteria, including: 
     Detailed labor and cost center tracking
     Sytems in place to monitor the integrity of your data collection processes
     Employee awareness and training programs
     Procedures for labor approvals and cost accounting 
     Documentation and verifyable identification for direct and indirect costs
     Timecards filled out daily and signed by supervisors
     Controlled access to internal data
     Records kept for a minimum of 3 years


 Links that may be of interest to you:

The GSA Schedule is a great vehicle for selling your product or services to the government.  It is a lot of work to put together this application, though the online process makes it easier. 

Our recommendation is that you have a potential or existing government client who buys off the GSA Schedule as your motivation for applying. 

We can help you develop your labor categories, pricing, as well as assist with the narrative portion of your application. 

Another vehicle for getting government work is via the Small Business Administrations 8(a) program.  

Also has an online application, but a more personal project, as you'll need a personal financial statement along with your business financial statements.  We can help with all this, though again we recommend having a potential or existing government client who uses the 8a set-aside program. 

The System for Award Management ( SAM - it used to be called CCR) is a necessary registration point for your business so that you can do business with the government.   You'll need to get a DUNS #, and your Federal, State, and county business registrations completed.  Whether you have a new business that needs to be set up, or want to start doing business with the government, we can help. 

Improve your contract opportunities, Charles Coker, CPA can help you get on the GSA Schedule
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Charles Coker, CPA can help you get your 8(a) certification from the SBA
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