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Overseas Workers

Overseas Workers Bulletin Board
Overseas Workers
Do you work for a U.S. Company (not the U.S. Government) and have spent time working outside of the United States?  You may be eligible for reduced income tax (and a refund on your tax return) if you have worked overseas a substantial number of days.

To prepare you individual income taxes if you worked overseas, here is the list of information we need – also described in the PDF file available for download to the right –>>

 Address of foreign residence where you lived the longest during the calendar year

 The number of days you were in the foreign country by City/Country.

Ex.   From 1/1/12 to 3/31/12 = 90 days Barcelona, Spain

        From 4/1/12 to 8/31/12 = 150 days Cape town, S. Africa

        From 9/1/12 to 11/30/12 = 90 days Barcelona, Spain

        From 12/1/12 to 12/31/12 Home in US
  Total up the number of qualifying days:                    

        180 days Barcelona, Spain

        150 days Cape town, S. Africa


  Income / Expenses:

If you were paid by 1099 instead of W2, then please provide expense information (costs for travel, supplies, equipment) for which you were not re-imbursed by your employer


Make sure your information sheet is signed, dated and updated if necessary. Verify your mailing address and bank account information also.

As an additional service to our overseas clients, we’ve added a bulletin / message board to our site – for you to use to post messages, job opportunities, or tax related information for your fellow overseas workers!


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