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Charles Coker, CPA ~ Our goal is to make your life less taxing!

Relief from TPSS ~ Tax Preparation Stress Syndrome

Are you suffering from the stress of trying to prepare your own income taxes? 

You may have TPSS, or Tax Preparation Stress Syndrome. 

TPSS is treatable. 

We have 30 years of experience in preparing individual and business income taxes, and can offer your relief from your TPSS.  

Our goal is to make your life less taxing. 

Charles Coker, CPA can alleviate the pain of TPSS. 

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Some side effects of asking Charles Coker, CPA to assist with your taxes are common. These include but are not limited to:  
  • Greater sense of ease and well-being
  • Reduced risk of penalties and interest
  • More free time to enjoy the things you love, including family and friends
If you don't experience any of these very common side effects, contact Charles Coker, CPA right away.